Akins and Bobb

We aren’t on their list.

There is a lot of talk these days about “lists”,“steering” ,“direct repair”, ”pro shop”, and ”select service” to name a few . The insurer’s representative may use key phrases like”we may not cover all your rental” or “can’t guarantee that the entire bill will be covered”. All these things are used to provoke customers to use a shop they have a contractual relationship with. Generally insurance companies get shops to sign on to direct repair programs by promising to send customers to them i.e. more business to them in exchange for discounts, either up front or down the road somehow. Most of these programs are set up solely to save the insurance company money. One company even insists that any discount the pro shop gives any other insurance company must also be given to them. I don’t have a problem with all these deals but it can obviously change the shops focus. We have a great clientele built up over thirty years on our own merit, just by offering good service and quality repairs while keeping the car owner my first priority not the insurer. Not to be misunderstood, I am affiliated with a few companies but they don’t demand discounts and allow me to repair properly with quality parts and standard practices.

You, as an informed, intelligent consumer, should choose the repairer by consulting several body shops and making a conscious, educated decision on who you feel comfortable with and think will repair your car properly. It is entirely your choice. There are no penalties for not using the insurers recommended shop. Choose a quality, reputable facility, that you are comfortable with, and with a little luck, your damage will be repaired to pre accident condition.


The Collision Specialist